Say hello to the new kids on the block kicking facebook ads to the curb with data driven partnerships. We’re tired of seeing D2C brands pour endless money into facebook ads and having an unreliable ROI. So, we’ve decided to do something about it. We’re reinventing customer acquisition at RE:INVENT, the world’s first peer to peer ad network.  

What exactly does that mean?  Let’s dig deeper. Our ad network connects e-commerce stores together to empower growth. With RE:INVENT brands will be able to collaborate with one another to lower their CAC, share audiences and increase their revenue through data driven marketing campaigns.

But why is this important you ask? The traditional methods of acquiring a customer ( google and fb ads duh because what else) are becoming increasingly expensive and unreliable. Brands are at the absolute mercy of these large corporations to find them their customers, we think it shouldn’t have to be this way. If you think about it, brands have these extremely valuable customer lists, but quite often we see brands not knowing what to do with them. Surely it makes perfect sense to be nurturing and utilising these for customer growth? We think so.

That’s why at RE:INVENT we are leveraging the power of data to create mutually beneficial partnerships amongst complimentary e-commerce stores.

Our unique business model is focused on creating a win-win environment for disruptive brands, which have traditionally competed for the same audience. We identify brands that offer complementary products or services and propose strategic partnerships based on robust data analysis. For instance, a company selling running shoes could partner with a fitness gear brand. Together, they can share data, pool resources, and optimise their marketing efforts to better target a shared demographic, leading to a more significant customer base and boosted sales for both. We even create the marketing campaigns for you. DREAMY.

These new types of partnerships, rooted in data, have the potential to redefine e-commerce dynamics. Traditional competition takes a backseat to collaboration and co-creation, fostering an environment where everyone wins - brands achieve increased market penetration, and customers get a more integrated and efficient shopping experience.

More excitingly with RE:INVENT partnerships aren't static; they're continually refined based on real-time data, ensuring they remain relevant, effective and you guessed it, a firm favourite.

In short, the team behind RE:INVENT are rewriting the playbook for e-commerce success. By turning competition into collaboration and offering data-driven insights for better business decision-making, it's bringing an exciting new dimension to the e-commerce landscape. It's not just about selling products online anymore; it's about building strategic partnerships and leveraging shared resources for sustainable growth and mutual success.

In the age of data, collaboration, and rapid innovation, RE:INVENT is the future. A future where data-driven partnerships are the new norm in e-commerce.

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