DATA is the new sexy. At least that’s what RE:INVENT’s Chief Data Boy tell us all daily.

For ecommerce brands that’s customer data in particular. Analysing and understanding customer data provides brands with valuable insights into their customer’s behaviours, preferences and purchasing habits. The importance of this you ask? With data brands can perfect marketing strategies, increase customer loyalty, and ultimately drive sales. Neat 😎
At RE:INVENT HQ we think data is pretty game changing.
With customer data brands possess the ability to create personalised experiences for their customers. By analysing data such as purchase history, search queries, and browsing behaviour, ecommerce brands can start to tailor their marketing messages to each individual customer.

The end goal? To improve the customer’s experience and double down on your chance of a purchase!
Whether you’re a seasoned brand owner or your thinking of starting your own ecommerce store then this one is for you.

With customer data  brands can start to identify a multitude of behavioural patterns and trends. By analysing this data, ecommerce stores can then identify 3 key things.



Brands can then use this information to their advantage by optimising their marketing channels and boost their overall business performance.

The fun doesn’t stop there.. the opportunities are endless when you dive deep into the world of data. Brands can use customer data to improve customer retention and loyalty. By analysing customer behaviour and preferences, e-commerce stores can identify opportunities to offer personalised recommendations and promotions. This helps to keep customers engaged and encourage repeat purchases, leading to increased customer lifetime value. No seriously, it works!
At RE:INVENT customer data is extremely important to us and that’s why we take great care in looking after it. It goes without saying that is absolutely crucial to handle data responsibly. Customer data must be collected and stored in compliance with privacy laws and regulations. Ecommerce stores have a duty to be transparent regarding their intentions with their customers data. This includes how the data is being used, where it is being stored and brands must give their customers options to control the use of their data.

The data doers at RE:INVENT follow strict GDPR rules and you can check these out on our privacy policy.

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