How Fiils and Bazoo reinvented customer acquisition

RE:INVENT's Success Story: How We Revolutionised Customer Acquisition for Fiils and Bazoo

In the dynamic world of ecom, Reinvent has emerged as a game-changer. Our unique Shopify app seamlessly links complementary brands, paving the way for cross-promotion strategies that reach target demographics more effectively. Our recent collaboration with Fiils and Bazoo exemplifies this innovative approach.

Who are Fiils and Bazoo?

Fiils, known for its refillable beauty products, and Bazoo, celebrated for sustainable bamboo toilet paper, both cater to eco-conscious consumers. Their shared customer base, similar average order values, and subscription-based models make them ideal partners for cross-promotion.

In the digital age, customer acquisition cost (CAC) is a significant hurdle for many brands. Fiils and Bazoo were no exception, with high CACs predominantly through Meta ads. The challenge was clear: how could we reduce these costs while maintaining a steady influx of valuable customers?

RE:INVENT's Solution

Our solution was straightforward yet impactful. By linking Fiils and Bazoo through our app, we enabled each brand to tap into the other's customer base. This meant direct access to a pool of potential customers who already showed interest in complementary products.

The strategy was simple. Each brand emailed their existing customers about the other, ensuring a direct and personalised approach. This method bypassed the need for costly and less targeted advertising methods, like Meta ads.

The Results: A Remarkable Decrease in CAC

The results were nothing short of remarkable. By utilizing our cross-promotion strategy, Fiils and Bazoo witnessed a staggering 74% reduction in their online CAC. This figure stands in stark contrast to their previous average CAC using Meta ads, underscoring the efficiency of our approach.

But the benefits didn't stop at acquisition costs. Given the subscription nature of both Fiils and Bazoo, the lifetime value of these newly acquired customers is substantial. The strategy not only brought in more customers but also customers likely to continue their subscriptions, amplifying long-term revenue.

The Future of Ecom is Collaboration

This case study of Fiils and Bazoo is a testament to the potential of strategic collaborations in the e-commerce sector. Reinvent stands at the forefront of this revolution, offering a unique solution that benefits all parties involved - a win-win for brands looking to expand their reach while keeping costs in check.

In a landscape dominated by digital advertising wars, Reinvent offers a smarter, more sustainable path. Join us as we redefine the art of customer acquisition and retention in the e-commerce world.


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